BlueRange is a platform containing a big number of hardware and software components that work together. It is important to keep the platform up to date with the latest security fixes and functionality updates, and of course not to forget bugfixes :-)

To achieve this, all of our components are updatable remotely. This page provides an overview on how to update the individual components of the system.

BlueRange Server / BlueRange Portal / BlueRange MQTT Broker / Databases

There are two ways to use the BlueRange Server: as an on-premise installation that is managed by you, or as a cloud installation that is managed by us. If you use our cloud solution you do not have to deal with updates at all, as we do all the heavy lifting. If you need to update your on-premise installation, refer to our BlueRange Server Installation Guide.

MeshGateway OS

Our MeshGateway Operating system is updated through a Mender server. We are currently managing these operating system updates and are planning to provide an interface for you in the future.

Scheduling BlueRange Gateway Software and BlueRange Firmware Updates

Updating the software of our Gateway and the BlueRange Firmware of our mesh nodes and tags usually goes hand in hand. You have the option of setting up a Setting for scheduling automatic updates or you can decide to update your gateway and mesh nodes manually by following the guide to manually update your gateway, mesh nodes and tags.

Manually Updating BlueRange Gateway, Mesh Nodes and Tags

We will usually provided you with an update for your Gateway and other BlueRange devices in the form of a .iot package. This package contains the necessary update files for the BlueRange Gateway, for our Mesh Nodes and for our Tags. It can also be an update for a subset of your devices and you might have to apply multiple of these packages if you have installed devices from a range of different vendors.

  • To manually upload an update package, select your gateway and select the Install Firmware action

  • Choose the update package from your file system

  • Apply the Action

If you have configured update URLs in the gateway configuration, you can also choose to install the latest firmware version, which will tell the gateway to immediately poll all provided update URLs and start installing.

Depending on the contents of the update package, the gateway will be updated first before it starts to update devices of the BlueRange mesh network. Each firmware update package is only valid for a specific device group and will be applied only if devices of this group exist in your network.

You can check the status of the update by opening Devices where you will see a progress indicator for the devices that are currently being updated. The gateway page will also show an update indicator while the update is running.

Updating Tags

Tracking Tags and Sensor Tags are not always connected to the mesh network and might not show up for multiple days. The BlueRange gateway will automatically detect them once they are close to a mesh network and will try to update them. If they are moving around very frequently between different networks, the update might need to be restarted multiple times. If you do not want to wait a long time until they are updated, it might be a good idea to place them close to one of your mesh networks when they are not used, for example during the night at the time when your automatic update is scheduled.

Updating Tags by Using the BlueRange Admin App

It is also possible to update our tags manually by using our BlueRange Admin App. You can open the desired device and start the update from there. This is mostly useful if it is running a very old incompatible firmware version or if it has issues connecting to the BlueRange network.