This page gives an overview of things manageable by the BlueRange platform. You will typically start by creating a Network that can contain a number of Devices. Before you can add devices to a network, you must Enroll them with the platform. Devices may be arranged using arbitrary Device Groups and also can be managed as part of a Building Structure that consists of Floors and Rooms. Using floors, you will be able to give geographic locations to your devices by putting the on a floor plan.

Managing Networks

Before enrolling a device, you should create a network. To do that navigate to > Networks and click on Add Network. You will then be able to give a name to your network, which could e.g. be "1st Floor North". A network consists of a number of IoT devices and generally has exactly one BlueRange Gateway that communicates between the mesh network and your BlueRange Server installation. The size of a network depends on a number of factors such as wireless coverage, latency or type of devices used. You can get more information from the vendor of your BlueRange devices.

Follow the documentation on the Networks page.

A Network was previously called Site and had additional information such as a floor plan, an address, etc,…​ We have moved this information to the Floor where it is managed as part of the Building Structure.

Managing Devices

See chapter on Devices for all information on managing devices.

Managing a Building Structure

See chapter on Buildings for all information on our building structure feature.