Schedule Automatic Updates


For automatic distribution of the latest software, firmware and operating system updates, the system update setting may be installed as part of a BlueRange Gateway configuration.

update setting

This setting allows you to specify the update URLs and a time schedule for when your system should automatically update, if new versions are available.

Firmware & Software Updates

The default url that is specified is the official source for retrieving the latest stable firmware releases. The automatic update then polls the source regularly and will distribute the firmware according to the execution time plan chosen. At this time all IoT devices available to the system are updated. Missing devices are skipped and retried on the next trigger occurrence.

As there are many BlueRange compatible devices, we cannot host all firmware updates from all vendors at once. Therefore, you might want to add additional URLs provided by the vendor of your BlueRange devices. These URLs will also be polled for firmware updates and will be installed accordingly.

BlueRange Gateway OS Updates

For operating system updates, the gateway uses a different mechanism to fetch the substantially larger update files. The default URL points to our server where we always provide the latest stable release.

If this update server cannot be made available for your on-premise installation, you will likely need to set up your own update server. Please consult for additional information and resources.