Actions are one time activities which can be applied to one or multiple devices. After you apply an Action, it will be executed once and you will be able to check the result of its execution.

The list of actions varies depending on the device that you have chosen. Some actions have additional properties that you have to fill out to perform the action. Once you have applied an action, you can check the status by opening the Device Details and navigating to the Actions tab.

By default, the history of actions is kept for 365 days. Actions, which modification date is older than this, are automatically deleted.

Applying Actions

You can apply actions by either selecting a number of devices in a list, then use the options button and click on Apply Action or you can open a single device and apply the Action from the overview tab. The screenshots below show you how to apply an action from within the device view.

tag overview

In the screenshot, the only available action is to execute a terminal command.

If you have selected multiple devices with different platforms, only the actions that can be applied to all platform types are shown once you click Apply actions.

list bulk option

Actions for the BlueRange Gateway


The Reboot action can be sent to reboot a Gateway. Once the action is received, it will be executed immediately.

Refresh Device Info

The Gateway will periodically report its status to the BlueRange Server, if you want to immediately query the device status, you can apply the Refresh Device Info action.

Start BACnet Enrollment / Start KNX Enrollment

Once a BACnet or KNX Gateway are correctly configured (See KNX and BACnet), you can enroll these devices by sending this action to the gateway.

Reverse SSH

For debugging purpose, our gateway supports establishing a reverse SSH connection. You have to enter the hostname, port and the forwarded port together with a username and password for that host. The gateway will use this information to establish an SSH connection to the specified host. Upon success, you can log into this host via SSH and create another SSH tunnel inside the already established SSH tunnel to be able to execute commands on the gateway. You will however need an SSH user for this gateway, which we only supply on request.

Trigger Software Update

If you want to manually update the Gateway Software or the Firmware of the mesh nodes or tags, you can upload a firmware bundle to your platform and deploy it to one or more selected gateways by using this action. Read more on this in our chapter about Updates.

Send Message

You can select the Gateway in order to send debug commands to its Mesh Bridge. You can read about available terminal commands as part of our firmware documentation.

LED and Debug Actions

For Mesh Nodes and Tags, we currently support actions for turning the integrated LED on or off. Be aware that switching the LED on/off is not supported for all devices as some of them might not have an LED or the functionality might have been intentionally disabled to not interfere with the standard functionality of the device (e.g. to reduce power consumption). Furthermore there are is a Action to modify the debug configuration. As it will change the behavior of the BlueRange Gateway, it should only be created with extended knowledge of the system and therefore can’t be created via the UI.

Change Configuration

This action can’t be created manually, but is rather created automatically on the publication of a Configuration Version. To be able to track the appliance, this action is listed in the Actions tab of the device, the configuration is assigned to.