Notifications are essential to inform users about device state changes, e.g. if a device becomes unavailable.

Configuring the Notification Template

Notification templates can only be set up by an organization administrator.

To set up the template, navigate to > User Icon > Account Settings > Organization where you will see the notification settings.

organization view

Once you Add a new notification we provide you with a basic template on how you e-mail messages can look like in german and in english.

notification edit

After the notification was created, you can use the options button to assign users that should be informed. Also, you can choose to directly bulk assign the notification to all devices at once. If you don’t do this, you have to activate it for each device individually.

notification assign users

When you are done, you will how to how many users and groups the notification will be sent to and the number of devices that currently have the notification disabled.

Managing the Notifications per Device

To enable or disable notifications on a device level, go to the device in question and switch to the Configuration page where you can now enable or disable the notifications.

notification on device