Mesh Nodes


Our Mesh Nodes have had a multitude of names, "SmartBeacon" and"Mesh Beacon" are two of them. This is understandable as they really have started out as something simple as a smart beacon, only being able to advertise messages while being under monitoring. Today, our BlueRange Firmware is used in a multitude of different products: smart beacons, relay beacons, gateways, light fixtures, sensors, valves and more. We might not know the full extend where it is being used as major parts of our firmware have also been open sourced under the name FruityMesh. All these devices have something in common, they are perfectly interoperable, can be enrolled with our platform and will work together to form and extend the BlueRange mesh network.


FruityMesh is our open source offering and is available on Github under GPL. We have kept some parts of the firmware for our commercial license, which is e.g. our firmware update over the mesh and many of our modules and drivers that we developed for other companies. You can license these components from us and can get an exception from the GPL obligations by licensing our BlueRange Firmware. Of course you can also use FruityMesh for your commercial product and it will be 100% interoperable with our commercial offering, no catches.

BlueRange Firmware

We use our BlueRange Firmware for our mesh nodes, gateways and tags. There is extensive documentation available here: BlueRange Firmware Documentation. The documentation covers everything from usage to development.


Mesh nodes range from very small devices to other products such as desk lamps. If you can integrate one of our supported Bluetooth chipsets in your product, you are ready for taking part in our platform. Your product will be able to report any kind of data it likes and can be controlled through our infrastructure.


Mesh Nodes need to be enrolled into a network before they are able to communicate with each other. Once they are enrolled in a network together with a BlueRange Gateway, they can also receive and send information to your BlueRange Server and you can remotely manage them using our Portal. See our Enrollment documentation. Mesh Nodes are typically installed at a stationary location which makes it possible to use them as anchor nodes for our asset tracking.