BlueRange is used on a number of devices already. This page lists a number of them alphabetically.

BlueRange Products

BlueRange Gateway V3

Our BlueRange Gateway V3 is used to connect all BlueRange compatible devices with out platform. It contains a Bluetooth Low Energy module running with BlueRange firmware called Mesh Bridge so it is able to bridge the mesh to LAN or Wifi.

bluerange gateway

BlueRange Gateway V4

The current version of our BlueRange Gateway comes in an aluminum shell, with integrated MLC storage and can ideally be paired with our BlueRange Connect USB Dongle which makes it possible to manage a BlueRange mesh. It also has BACnet and KNX capabilities.

gateway v4

BlueRange Tag R1

Our BlueRange Tag R1 offers a trackable tag for asset tracking that can also be used to collect sensor data such as temperature, humidity, acceleration and more.

BlueRange Tag R1

BlueRange ePaper Tag

Our ePaper tag is trackable through our asset tracking and can display any information you would like depending on its location.

BlueRange ePaper Tag

BlueRange Mesh Node E2

If you want to try out BlueRange, there is no easier way than using our E2 Mesh Nodes. They are battery powered for the most flexible installation. They enable you to get a full BlueRange platform up and running in minutes.

BlueRange Mesh Node E2

BlueRange Connect USB

Creating your custom BlueRange gateway is as simple as plugging in this USB dongle in a device of your choice.

BlueRange USB Dongle


Our CO2 Sensor Tag has a lifetime of 10 years and works purely by harvesting energy from surrounding indoor lights.

BlueRange CO2 Tag

EnOcean Switches


We support EnOcean switches as part of our BlueRange firmware.

EnOcean Switches

EnOcean Switches


The Eurotronic Comet thermostat supports BlueRange for effortless retrofitting of your building.

Eurotronic Comet

Eurotronic Comet

Gampper / Belparts

BlueRange firmware is Modbus compatible and can also be used to drive and monitor a heating valve.

DynamX 6-Way Valve

DynamX 6-Way Valve


As one of our earliest products, we have worked together with Regent and integrated BlueRange with their LightPad Light and LightPad Tunable luminaires.

Regent Lightpad Light

Regent Lightpad Light

Vossloh Schwabe Blu2Light Family

Use the LINA Connect and LINA Touch apps to create the most complex lighting scenarios you can imagine. Wireless and fully DALI compatible.

Multisensor XS

VS Multisensor XS

Multisensor Connect

VS Connect

Multisensor Connect Me

VS Connect Me



Waldmann LTX Family

Waldmann uses BlueRange for its intelligent luminaires. The LTX family creates your office of tomorrow.

Waldmann Yara Luminaire

Waldmann Yara