Enrolling BlueRange Devices


After you have enrolled a Gateway for a network, you can enroll other devices such as Mesh Nodes and BlueRange Tags. For enrolling other devices, such as KNX or BACnet devices, see our Building Automation chapter.

Importing Mesh Node and BlueRange Tag enrollments

First, navigate to > Networks > "Your Network" > Devices to see a list of available devices in this network.

network devices all good

Now, click the Add button to get a selection of devices that you can add to the platform.

network add devices

Choose to Add Mesh Node or Tag

network devices add

Click on Import From File and upload a JSON file containing the list of enrollments. See Troubleshooting if you do not have this file. You can also choose to enter the device information manually. The device key will typically be printed on the product itself or will be distributed on a separate document packaged with the device.

The device key must always be kept secret as it cannot be changed and it will allow full access to the device.

You will see the imported enrollments and it does not matter if some of the devices are already enrolled. Our platform will figure this out for you.

network devices add nodes

Once you confirm the dialog, the enrollments will be stored in our platform. The Gateway will also receive an action to process the enrollments and connect to the devices. Keep this page open and it will update you with the latest information.

You will see the list decrease once the enrollments have been processed.

You can now open one of your enrolled devices to see the device details. It might take a few minutes until all data was queried from the device and the platform will show incomplete information during this time.

mesh node details

The BlueRange Gateway will stop enrolling devices if it cannot find them for a longer time. You will see that the enrollment is not running anymore and you can chose to re-start the enrollment in the network device view. Make sure that all your devices are within reach of each other to successfully complete the enrollment of all devices. Then navigate to > Networks > "Your Network" > Devices and use the Start Enrollment button in the top right corner.

enrollment restart


Devices do not get enrolled

There are a number of reasons for why a device cannot be enrolled. First, check that the device is either powered through a connector or that its batteries are working. Next, check that the device is within range of either the Gateway or in the range of already enrolled Mesh Nodes. Mesh Nodes can enroll each other one after the other if they can reach each other. BlueRange Tags cannot enroll other BlueRange Tags, a Tag always has to be close to an enrolled Mesh Node so that it can be enrolled. If the enrollment fails repeatedly, you can try to put the device close to the Gateway if this is physically possible.

A Device cannot be Enrolled

When creating an Enrollment in the Portal, you might see the error: Error Code: 402, Error Message: Your license limit has been exceeded. You can check the license status either through the help menu or by clicking the active license on the bottom right. You might have exceeded you maximum number of devices. Delete some others or contact us at link:support@bluerange.io to upgrade your license to support more devices.

Where to get a json file to enroll devices

You might either have received an enrollment file from us or a 3rd party. But you can also create it yourself by using the below example and getting the required information from the QR codes that should have been supplied with the devices.

Example of an enrollment.json file
    "platform": "BLENODE",
    "serialNumber": "BBBG8",
    "properties": {
      "IOT_NODE_KEY": "34FC911B1F90CC117DC6865FC955488A"
    "platform": "ASSET",
    "serialNumber": "BBBMK",
    "properties": {
      "IOT_NODE_KEY": "38BC3740E2AB04E664A6D67BA091EADF"

The enrollment file contains the platform of the devices which is BLENODE for Mesh Nodes and ASSET for BlueRange Tags. You cannot use this file to enroll a Gateway. The file also contains the serial number for each device and its secret Node Key. The Node Key is a unique key for every device that you must keep secret at all times. It allows full access to this device and cannot be changed. For more information see Encryption Keys.

Please make sure the platforms indicated match your actual physical devices.