Tracking & Sensor Tags


There are different kinds of tags: Tracking Tags, Sensor Tags and the combination of both. One could argue that you could also have a non-trackable tag that does not provide sensor data but we believe that this is not the kind of device we want to manage.

Tags do not directly participate in a mesh network. Only Mesh Nodes are able to form a mesh network. Mesh Nodes need to be installed at fixed positions. Tags are able to move around but you are also able to set them to a fixed position in our platform if you know that they will be permanently installed in your building.

Tracking tags (previously called Assets) are something that you put on valuable things (aka. assets). Some of our tracking tags also offer additional sensors such as temperature, barometric pressure, etc,…​. You will be able to always see their current position in your building, have a historized view of their movement and if they have, check their sensor values over time.

Sensor tags are used in the same way, except that you can set them to a fixed position in your building. They will not report their position to our platform and you can simply see the current sensor values and also get charts on how these values have changed over time. A good example would be our BlueRange CO2 Sensor Tag that we offer.

BlueRange Tag R1

BlueRange Tag R1

BlueRange Tracking Tags

Tags that come with our BlueRange firmware offer a wide range of benefits in comparison to other tags that are not equipped with BlueRange firmware. Some of these benefits are:

  • Updatable over our Platform with new BlueRange Firmware versions

  • Tracking is more accurate as additional data such as accelerometer data can be used

  • Automatic enrollment will relieve you from entering the tag information manually which reduces human errors

  • Automatic tag configuration means that you do not have to configure each tag manually before enrolling it, which is a very delicate and error prone process

  • Automatic configuration updates for your tags means that you can use our platform to remotely send an updated configuration to the tag

  • Monitoring the tag with information such as battery state is only supported for BlueRange Tags

  • They offer enhanced security as we are able to encrypt and authenticate our asset tracking packets

    • Other tags send their information in plain tags so they can be easily tracked by everybody, not just you

    • As their information is not authenticated it can be copied and sent at different locations to make you think that your asset is still at its place when in reality it was stolen or that it is at two places at once, thereby confusing the tracking system.

  • Collect additional sensor data and send this data to our platform (cf. Sensor Data)

Nevertheless, our system can also be used to track other tags such as tags that broadcast Eddystone or iBeacon messages. Please contact us for further information.

BlueRange INS Tracking Tags

One of our upcoming tracking tags uses an inertial navigation system. This will greatly improve our tracking accuracy and responsiveness for when this tag is moving. The tag uses a number of sensors to determine its movement and calculates a movement path with this information. This information is fused with other information from our tracking system. Stay tuned!

BlueRange Sensor Tags

Any tag can be equipped with a number of sensors. It can collect these sensor values and send them to our platform once it is connected by our mesh network. A tag can broadcast its intention to send sensor data to the platform. You will then be able to view this information in our platform as you would be with other sensor data from Mesh Nodes.

3rd Party Tags / Beacons

Tags or Beacons from other vendors work in different ways. Some only broadcast something as simple as an iBeacon Message while others send out sensor data as well. Some can be configured with a 3rd party app, others not. If you are interested in knowing whether a specific tag can be used with our platform, do not hesitate to contact us.

BlueRange Firmware

Tags that are equipped with BlueRange firmware typically use the deviceType ASSET in our platform. In our firmware, there are two different device types DEVICE_TYPE_ASSET and DEVICE_TYPE_LEAF (see Device Type Specification) that might be used depending on the power consumption and data throughput needs. Make sure to also look at the firmware documentation if you plan to implement a custom firmware.


Tags can be enrolled into any network of your organization and they will be able to roam freely between these networks. They do not have a continuous connection to a mesh network but will rather be contacted from time to time if data needs to be transferred. You can chose to enroll your tags into several networks where they will be typically located or maybe recharged, a kind of Home Network, or you can chose to enroll all of them in a single network. This does not affect the asset tracking.

For more information on the enrollment, see the See Enrollment chapter.