Platform Overview


This document gives you an overview of our BlueRange platform. We have documented all of our APIs between the different components of our platform. This allows you to replace parts of the platform with your own solution. You can chose to only use our firmware, create your own gateway or create your own middleware that accesses data from our BlueRange Server. You might not need all parts and we have a huge set of APIs where you can attach your custom 3rd Party system.

BlueRange is a platform that consists of a number of different software and hardware components. The following graph provides a high-level overview of BlueRange’s network architecture and server topology:

BlueRange Platform Overview

platform overview


We have a number of pure software components as part of our platform:

BlueRange Server + Portal

The core of our platform that is responsible for managing all other parts and acting as a central data storage. See BlueRange Server for the backend and BlueRange Portal for the frontend. The server is typically installed in conjunction with other components from the graphic such as nginx, a MySQL compatible database and a MongoDb.

MQTT Broker

Like all typical IoT platforms, we have a lot of data floating around from a number of devices. All these tiny data pieces flow through our MQTT broker from which they are sent out to other devices. See our MQTT Broker chapter.

BlueRange Admin App

Our BlueRange Admin App is used for installing and enrolling the gateway, the mesh nodes and tags. See our documentation on the BlueRange Admin App.

Using the Mobile SDK to develop a 3rd Party App

We have developed a number of apps for some of the vendors that we are partnering with and you can do the same by using our BlueRange Mobile SDK.


Our hardware is always an offering that combines both the hardware itself, the operating system, the software and the necessary firmware.

BlueRange Gateway

Our BlueRange Gateway can act as a mesh gateway, knx gateway and bacnet gateway with a lot of more to come in the future.

Mesh Nodes

We offer a wide range of Mesh Nodes that are sold directly by us or by other vendors. These range from tiny devices with batteries to regular BlueRange ready desk lamps. BlueRange ready devices can be controlled through our platform and can send sensor data back to the platform.


Our Tracking Tags and Sensor Tags can be used to track your assets and to collect sensor data from your whole building.

SaaS in the Cloud or On-Premise Installation

No matter if you would like to stay at ease and choose our cloud offering at link: where we do all of the heavy lifting or if you would like to opt for the security of your locked down on-premise installation, we deliver both with out BlueRange platform. We will create an organization within our cloud installation or will give you complete control with your own installation.