Gateway LED State Indicator


This feature is not available to BlueRange gateway prior to V4.

The BlueRange Gateway (starting from V4) can indicate its state to the outside world by using build-in LEDs.

gateway v4

LED codes

The following codes use these symbols to indicate a single 'blink' of an LED.

  • led long green / led long orange : 1.8s on, 0.2s off

  • led short green / led short orange : 0.4s on, 0.1s off

State Sequence Pause

invalid: meshgateway software not started or internal error

led long orange

no pause

starting: meshgateway software running, but no state written

led long greenled long greenled long green


ready_but_no_bluerange_connection: no connection to BlueRange server ("no Internet")

led short greenled short orangeled short orange


ready_but_not_enrolled: gateway is not enrolled in BlueRange

led short greenled short greenled short orange


ready_but_bluetooth_not_available: no bluetooth dongle plugged in (or dysfunctional)

led short orangeled short orangeled short orange


ready_and_dfu_in_progress: bluetooth dongle plugged in and Mesh update is in progress

led short greenled short yellow

no pause

ready_but_bluetooth_not_connected: bluetooth dongle not connected to mesh (e.g. when no other devices but the gateway have been enrolled)

led short greenled short greenled short green


ready: everything ok

led short green

(always green)