We offer a number of different license models. In general a license controls how many devices you can manage with BlueRange. A license also controls certain features such as Asset Tracking or Smart Metering feature. You can separately license these features from us and book them together with any of the license types


You can see your current license in our BlueRange Portal when navigating to > User Icon > Product Information > License.

license view

Test kit License

With one of our test kits, you will typically get a temporary Trial License that allows you to enroll up to 10 devices. Depending on the type of test kit, you will also have access to some of our extended platform features such as Asset Tracking.

Custom License

We offer a number of flexible bundles to fit your specific needs. You can check the license status of your system in the lower right corner of our BlueRange Portal. On the license overview page, you can see the number of already enrolled devices and the maximum number of devices that your license supports.