Building Automation


Our platform allows interoperability between all BlueRange ready devices and has connectors for KNX and BACnet. This allows you to use all the platform features such as Sensor Data collection, unified RWIO interface and much more across these systems.

Unified functionality

Based on the available Actuators and Sensors, BlueRange provides the possibility to write/receive values to/from specified KNX addresses or BACnet devices. The needed actuators and sensors are defined in the Configurations for the corresponding platform. Each of these actuators and sensors is mapped via its type to the KNX/BACnet specific configuration down below. Sensors are an equivalent to a data point subscription, that collect the value changes of the data point. Actuators provide the unified definition in the BlueRange ecosystem to change values, which are translated to the corresponding protocol (KNX or BACnet).

The current integration is limited to include data points into the BlueRange ecosystem. BlueRange actuators or sensors are not exposed to the KNX or BACnet.


The BlueRange Gateway is capable to connect to KNX/IP installations. See our dedicated KNX page for more info.


The BlueRange Gateway also speaks BACnet/IP, see more on the dedicated page for BACnet installations.