BlueRange Portal (2.0)


Our BlueRange Portal is your go-to platform for managing users, groups, devices and updates. It is the complete administration solution to set up, manage and monitor your platform. There are two different roles that determine how you can use the portal. You can either log in as a system administrator (only available for on-premise installations) or you can log in as an organization administrator.

floor overview

System Administration Role

If you access the BlueRange portal as a system administrator, it gives you the ability to manage users, groups and organizations. In your navigation bar, these will be the only settings that you can access.

For a detailed explanation see: System Administration.

Organization Administration Role

Logging in with organization administrator credentials will give you a different view of the portal which allows you to manage devices, networks, device updates and a range of other settings.

Managing Networks

Selecting > Networks in the navigation bar will take you to the network overview. You will get an overview about all of your networks in your organization and you can create new networks. A network typically contains one gateway, a number of mesh nodes and a number of tags. See Networks for more information.

Enrollment and Device Management

Devices are added by through our enrollment process and you can chose to delete them at any time, which will trigger an unenrollment.

Setting up a Building Structure

Setting up a building is explained in detail in the Building Creation chapter.

Enrolling a Gateway

Please see the Portal Gateway Enrollment chapter on how to enroll a BlueRange Gateway using the Portal.

Enrolling Mesh Nodes or BlueRange Tags

Please see the Portal Device Enrollment chapter on how to enroll Mesh Nodes and BlueRange Tags by using the Portal.

Actions, Configurations and Notifications

You are able to apply one-time Actions on them or you can configure them by using Configurations, applying Notifications, etc,…​

Managing Geofences

You can use our Portal to create, modify and delete Geofences using drag and drop.

Managing Updates

The portal is you central place to manage updates for your whole BlueRange infrastructure. We have collected all this information in our Updates documentation.


If you need help or any kind of other information an the BlueRange platform, take a look under our help icon which is the small question mark in the upper right corner of the portal.