BlueRange Admin App


Our BlueRange Admin App can be used to easily set up a BlueRange network during hardware installation. It is the preferred method that should be brought along by the person that installs the BlueRange Gateway and the Mesh Nodes. It supports enrolling our BlueRange Gateway, BlueRange Mesh Nodes and BlueRange Tags. It can also be used to do the Calibration for our Asset Tracking.


The BlueRange Admin App is currently only available for iPhones and can be downloaded from this url:

BlueRange Admin App on the Apple Appstore


To enroll devices, your user must be part of the group Administrator or Device Manager

Creating the Building Structure

You can use the BlueRange Admin App to set up buildings, rooms and zones. If you upload a floor plan, you will be able to position the devices on this floor plan during enrollment. This is very helpful and frees you from having to deal with paperwork and clumsy hand written serial numbers. This is a much less error prone way than noting the install positions on a piece of paper and should be preferred if possible.

Enrolling a Gateway

The Gateway will need to have access to the BlueRange Server in order for the enrollment to succeed, for more information check the BlueRange Gateway Requirements section.
The Gateway’s target URL is the URL of the server it is enrolled on. This is either the server you sign in on with the BlueRange Admin App or the URL of the server on which you created the enrollment using the portal.
  1. Start the app and log in to your organization

  2. Choose the desired network

  3. Press the + button in the bottom right corner and choose Scan QR Code

  4. Scan the QR Code on the Gateway

  5. Choose connection type and give the corresponding network credentials prior to the enrollment via the app

  6. Set the position on the map via a tap on the map

  7. Press Save Gateway

  8. It takes a short processing time, then the enrollment is done

  9. After the enrollment, the Gateway restarts.

    • This takes around 3 minutes.

Custom server certificates can not be installed via the app directly. You can either do this through the Gateway WebUID or upload a trusted SSL certificate via HTTP.


enroll gateway

Re-Enroll a Gateway to a Different Network

  1. Follow the steps to enroll a Gateway.

  2. When pressing Save Gateway a warning is shown that this Gateway is already enrolled.

  3. Press Withdraw to continue.

  4. The Gateway deletes the previous enrollment and restarts.

    • This takes around 3 minutes.

  5. After this, press Save Gateway again and the enrollment will continue.

Enrolling a Mesh Node

  1. Start the app and log in to your organization

  2. Choose the desired network

  3. Press the '+' button in the bottom left corner & choose the way of scanning:

    • Scan QR Code

      • Scan the QR Code

      • Set the position via a tap on the map

      • Press Save Mesh Node

    • Detect Nearby Devices

      • Hold your mobile device close to a single Mesh Node

      • The Mesh Node will be recognized

      • Press the displayed device to select it

      • Set the position via a tap on the map

      • Press Save Mesh Node

  4. All Enrollments are saved in a list, you can continue to create more enrollments or you can proceed by telling the Gateway to start the enrollment. It will then try to contact all Mesh Nodes and add them to your list of devices once they have been successfully connected.

    • Press the yellow Number of Devices not Enrolled button

    • Press Start Enrollment

    • After a short while all devices will be enrolled.

enroll mesh node

device list

Enrolling a Tag (e.g. for Asset Tracking)

Enrolling a Tag is exactly done like the enrollment of a Mesh Node, see Enrolling a Mesh Node. You can tap the + button in any of the tabs and the device platform will be automatically recognized. Once the device is enrolled, it will show up in the correct tab (e.g. Mesh Nodes, Tracking Tags, …​.).

Note that enrollment of a Tag might be slower as it is most of the time operating in low power mode and is not reachable at all times.


  • Start the BlueRange app and login.

  • Select the site you want to calibrate.

  • Select the tab Assets.

  • Tap on Asset calibration:
    calibration tab

  • Delete all previous calibration runs, if any exist:
    calibration clear screen

  • Tap on the + icon at the bottom right corner to create a calibration run.

  • Give the calibration run an arbitrary name.

  • Press CHOOSE to select the assets and return to the calibration run.

  • Press SAVE and then START CALIBRATION in order to start the calibration:
    start calibration

Do not press the home button while calibrating. Otherwise the calibration run must be repeated and the gateway restarted. This is a known issue!
  • The app should now display the calibration screen:
    calibration map

  • Now, repeatedly place the assets on different places along the floor. Select the assets one after another by tapping CHOOSE ASSET and place them on the map to their actual positions. Press START and wait until the countdown has elapsed. Do not move the asset in the meanwhile, as measurements are collected in this time.

Before the calibration is started, the tag should be shaken so that it is immediately aware of the calibration process. Upon movement the tag transmits more signals for a limited amount of time only. Calibration should be done within that period so that enough measurements are collected. For saving on battery transmission rate is reduced automatically when the tag remains at rest for about 45 seconds.

choose assets


  • Repeat this procedure. until you reached at least 8 measurement points.

  • Press Finish calibration.

  • The app should now switch back to the list view, where all calibration runs are shown. Reload this screen until the calibration results are visible on the top and the accuracy improvements can be seen.

Diagnostic Features

The BlueRange Admin app has a number of diagnostic features that are helpful to diagnose connectivity issues.

Network information & Diagnostic Log

If your gateway has already been enrolled, you can navigate to your network and select Network information or Debug information. You must be close to the gateway as the information will be transferred over Bluetooth.

diagnostic log

Use the network information to get a number of relevant information for the network connection of the BlueRange gateway such as its IP address, MAC address, etc,…​.

The diagnostic log is a collection of information that can be used to analyse network, hardware or other issues and can be sent to us to remotely diagnose an issue without having to send in the hardware.


If a Mesh Node is not available for Nearby Enrollment

Some Mesh Nodes support Nearby Enrollment while others do not. This is primarily because of security reasons and you have to enroll these nodes by using a QR code or another method provided by their vendor.

Not all Mesh Nodes are enrolled after the Enrollment completed

  • Make sure you pressed the button to start the enrollment after you have saved all devices when using the enrollment app.

  • You can try to start the enrollment again as it might be possible that some Mesh Nodes were not enrolled because they took too long to respond.

  • Make sure that all Mesh Nodes are within reach of each other. The Gateway must be able to reach some Mesh Nodes, after these are enrolled, they must be able to reach some other Mesh Nodes. If there are Mesh Nodes that are not able to reach the Gateway through a route of already enrolled nodes, then these cannot be enrolled. To solve this either place other Mesh Nodes to fill the gap or bring the Mesh Nodes that do not enroll within reach of the Gateway.

Not all Tags are enrolled after the Enrollment completed

  • Make sure that the Tags are within reach of either the Gateway or within reach of at least one enrolled Mesh Node that can in turn be reached by the Gateway.

  • You can try to restart the enrollment as the Tags are usually configured to consume as little power as possible, so they might take a longer time to respond.

  • If you still cannot enroll the Tag, try to place it close to the Gateway.