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The BlueRange Ecosystem

Three building blocks, a universe of possibilities

Buildings rethought and experienced anew

BlueRange uses an energy-efficient wireless protocol as the basis for sensor-based room automation. Unlike inflexible bus systems, BlueRange gives way to flexible and decentralised room control with any number of expansion options. This makes radio-based networking the ideal solution for renovating existing buildings, as room zones can be easily adapted for tenant extensions.

Three parts ...

Data is exchanged between sensors and actuators via an energy-efficient wireless protocol to ensure decentralized room automation. Compared to a inflexible bus system with strictly specified topologies, the BlueRange Mesh can be expanded as required and thus implemented in a minimally invasive manner, even in the case of building refurbishments. In subsequent tenant fittings, it is also possible to respond with maximum flexibility to previously unknown requirements through flexible room zoning.

The Magic behind

The BlueRange Mesh

The patented BlueRange Mesh networks sensors and actuators using Bluetooth-based wireless technology.

It gets real

The Hardware

Numerous BlueRange-ready components from our OEM partners for sensor-based room automation can be seamlessly integrated into the BlueRange system.

Seamless control

The Software

All of the building's data points come together centrally in the BlueRange IoT platform and can be analyzed in real time.

... become one


Remote access to buildings

All data points are available in real time. This allows Facility Managers to conveniently monitor the building remotely.


Secure communication

All communication takes place exclusively via the latest encryption technology so that building data is always secure.


Flexible room zoning

If room concepts change, zoning can be changed subsequently and devices can be reassigned. Networks can also be expanded at any time.


Targeted communication

In the BlueRange Mesh, messages are always sent with a specific recipient. This guarantees a high data throughput with a long range.



The BlueRange Mesh can self-heal to compensate for failed nodes by automatically realigning itself and establishing an alternative connection.



Components can be updated quickly and easily via over-the-air updates (OTA) and kept up-to-date.


Saving data cables

Our Bluetooth-based wireless approach saves up to 90% on data cables and conserves valuable resources such as copper.


Usable interfaces

In a productive building, data points can be evaluated at any time via interfaces after approval by the customer.

Experience the potential of smart buildings


The BlueRange Setup app is the assistant for successful commissioning of wirelessly networked buildings to realize intelligent room automation via BlueRange Mesh.

Facility Manager

With the BlueRange FM app, Facility Managers receive fault messages in buildings quick and easy and process them conveniently.

Stronger together

We are pleased to walk the path togehter with excellent partners towards energy-efficient and comfortable buildings. These not only encourage a better understanding of market and customer needs, but also enable integrators to help shape the future of digital buildings.


BlueRange supports building owners with future-oriented building automation solutions that increase efficiency and sustainability in construction projects.

Integration Partners

Integration partners utilize BlueRange's advanced technology to enable seamless integration into existing systems and processes.

Software Partners

Software partners work with BlueRange to develop innovative software solutions based on BlueRange's flexible platform.

Project and Consulting Partners

Project and consulting partners use BlueRange's expertise for the planning and implementation of complex automation projects and consulting services.

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