Workspace Management & Building Automation

Manage and Track office and workspace states

Always up-to-date workplace information

We enable you to manage and overview your asset space over a efficient Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh.
You gain live data and analytics on your office space or workspace via an easy to understand dashboard.

Lighting Integration

For easy integration use your lighting system, just retrofit your existing lighting installation with our partners components. Not only do you earn valuable live and historic data on usage of your space, but also with the easy to use and understand App LiNA Connect, you are able to setup your BLE controlled lighting solution and export your configuration into the user app LiNA Touch.

Also you can directly purchase luminaires of one of our partners REGENT or WALDMANN and use plug-and-play office space management and lighting solutions communicating via our BlueRange BLE mesh and able to control via custom applications.

Lighting System Control

You are able to get a very specialized and customized solution for your every needs. Our partners are able to provide you with luminaires for new installations or components for retrofitting your existing lighting installations. All these are able to communicate via BlueRange BLE mesh and control DALI channels via bluetooth. With access to our comprehensive administration platform, you are able to recieve and send data and commands via various APIs and develop for your very own facility management platform.

Extra device approach

Sure, you can use IR presence sensors of one of our partners and include them in a BLE infrastructure. These sensors deliver reliable data on presence within their reach. For a more easy and direct approach, you can fix an BlueRange Asset Beacon under a chair and get the occupancy state for this chair. BlueRange also supports you in specific solutions with integration of other devices able to communicate sensor data via BLE.

Our Partners for Workspace Management

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In Practice

  • office and special lighting

    Office Space Management

    BlueRange knows via infrared presence sensors or asset beacons whether a meeting or conference room is occupied or not. The infrared presence sensors detect persons inside a room, the asset beacon fixed under a chair detects movement.

  • cube berlin

    Cube Berlin - Presence sensitive Lighting

    The Cube in Berlin, the reference IoT building in Europe, will be equipped with BlueRange BLE mesh enabled lighting. These luminaires will change their lighting state and behaviour depended on sensor data of IR presence sensory within each luminaire. One is also able to see a heatmap of presence.

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