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BlueRange IoT and Edge Computing

Next Gen Beacons for Smart Beacon Management

  • BlueRange Asset Beacon 30mm
  • BlueRange Mesh Beacon V3
  • BlueRange Wristband
  • BlueRange Drop Pendant

BlueRange combines extremes: High performance — Low costs

The BlueRange protocol provides high data throughput with low energy costs and runs on cost-efficient hardware. This technological challenge in the field of beacon management has been solved by us for the first time. Our functional scatternet protocol that forms the basis of this performance is unique world-wide.
Connect, monitor, and control millions of devices and IoT assets!

BlueRange Platform

The IoT Cloud Platform

BlueRange is available as SaaS or on-premise solution to clients and partners. The platform allows clients to manage all hardware, software and the BlueRange BLE mesh.
BlueRange also allows you to manage all kind of beacons, smart beacons and other IoT devices. Software usage, software updates, and content management are all controlled from the platform's dashboard. In use cases with mobile apps applied within a mesh, BlueRange is used to address and manage all SDK related activities.

As a multi tenant platform, it allows users to scale, enroll and manage tens of thousands of locations and even more devices / nodes.

Based on ten years of platform experience, our beacon management platform is easy to connect with other systems to either access or distribute data. BlueRange delivers a clear and intuitive structure and user interface that ensures a good overview, even on multiple sites and with numerous beacons in use simultaneously. The aggregated data can be displayed in list views, charts, static or live maps.

    • Our BlueRange platform is a Java enterprise-based stack with all the included advantages such as exchanging, removing and adding components during runtime (hot deployment / hot plugging). The platform is available as SaaS and in specific cases as on-premise solution.

      Enrollment of IoT devices

      Automatically meshing, self-healing and re-routing

      Mesh-Management and Maintenance Overview


      Multiple APIs (MQTT, REST, etc.)

      SDK (iOS and Android)
BlueRange Firmware

The Firmware

The firmware on our BlueRange Mesh Beacons was specifically developed to support the auto-meshing function.

The integrated protocol is the optimal solution for Bluetooth Low Energy mesh cases. It guarantees maximum of performance with a minimum of power consumption.
Its modular architecture ensures high stability and security and yet flexibility and performance. Over-The-Air firmware updates provide a convenient way to deal with changing requirements in different use cases.

    • The BlueRange firmware is distinguished by its modular structure with persistent module configurations.

      Mesh connections are encrypted via AES-128 and use standard BLE connections.

      BlueRange is ready to work with Bluetooth 5.0 devices. However, an extended connection range or enhanced data rate is only supported on request for now.

      Mentionable Modules
      'Advertising-Module' for custom broadcast messages

      'Status-Reporter-Module' for monitoring the nodes

      'Scanning-Module' to filter incoming advertisement messages

      UART terminal to execute commands with a list of arguments

      Debug Logger with log tag filtering

      Auto-Detect Enrollment for Mesh Beacons

      Auto-Networking building the BLE Mesh

      Over-The-Air Updates (OTA)

      Device Monitoring

      Sensor Data Monitoring

      Asset Tracking - of Beacons with Asset Firmware
BlueRange Mesh

The BLE Mesh Protocol

A bluetooth mesh is comparable to a network of small devices (beacons) which form a virtual grid. Within this grid, digital transactions via a mobile apps or other digital devices can be traced and monitored.
Our BlueRange mesh is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and is backward compatible to Bluetooth 4.1. BlueRange mesh protocol supports Bluetooth up to version 4.1 and therefore both current and older mobile devices.

    • Our BlueRange mesh is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is backward compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 clients like Smartphones.
      Our mesh enables low battery consumption while being connected to the internet the whole time. This is not possible with other mesh technologies that are based on a so called flooding-mesh.

      FruityMesh is our open source offering for anybody wanting to experiment with our meshing algorithm. It is an implementation for the Nordic nRF51 and nRF52 chipsets that are both Bluetooth 4.1 compliant, with the nRF52 also offering Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. Porting to other chipsets is in progress.

      The BlueRange algorithm employs a custom scatternet-forming algorithm that uses a ClusterScore function to be able to form a mesh depending on a number of parameters such as connection quality, number of connections, hops, etc. The network is self-forming and self-healing. Once a connection in the cluster breaks down, the smaller cluster distributes a new cluster id among its nodes. This will ultimately repair the missing connection through a similar path.

      Messages within this network are typically broadcasted to all nodes, with each node able to pick up the information that it is interested in. It is also possible to route to the sink node - the node that has an interest in all mesh-related messages.

      Having a Scatternet allows us to have a mesh that can live on battery power for multiple years, depending on the use-case. With the lowest connection interval for example, each node can use as little energy as 50 µA.

      FruityMesh (OpenSource GPL), BlueRange (Commercial GPL)
      Maximum Distance
      recommended distance between beacons: 15m. (Depending on the building and the wall thickness/material, this can be less.)
      Scatternet Mesh
      Data throughput
      ~ 4 kbyte/s, depending on the number of connections
BlueRange Mesh Beacon

Mesh Beacons and Asset Beacons

Depending on the client´s requirements, a beacon can be battery powered for short and long service periods or as an Asset, depending on size and use cases, or as a Mesh Beacon a fixed line device for long term installations. If required the Mesh Beacons can be integrated in certain infrastructural components and fixtures such as lighting. Bluerange is compatible with a number of lighting OEMs.

Offline Mode: Our Mesh Beacons are online, so your customer’s phones can be offline – this makes it possible to send customizable campaign information to your app – even if there’s no mobile network connection.

We advise clients to work with our beacons to experience the power of a BLE mesh and the many possible use cases. In case clients already have beacons, or would like to source their own beacons, we can provide the necessary specifications and supply them with the necessary software. This will guarantee the best results and performance.

    • Bluerange Mesh Beacons are different from standard beacons as they will automatically connect to each other, forming a mesh.
      This Mesh in conjunction with a Mesh Gateway allows us to monitor and configure our Mesh Beacons and update the firmware over the mesh, directly from our cloud platform.

      Our Mesh Beacons function with a nordic nRF51/nRF52 chipset combined with the S130/S132 soft device. Its automatic meshing abilities have proven to effortlessly connect a multitude of devices.

      Radio standard
      Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1 Compliant
      Power supply
      4 AA batteries, AC power supply or DC battery pack
      110 x 70 x 25 mm
      120 g (without batteries)
      Advertising Message Formats
      iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, -URL, -TLM, Relution Tag Messages
      iOS 8 or higher, Android 4.3 or higher
      Battery Life
      From ~ 3 months in continuous transmission to ~ 4 years in Advertising Messaging Scenario (100ms) up to 5+ years by only monitoring
      CE, RoHS, FCC
      Onboard sensors
      On request: BME280: humidity, temperature, pressure
      Peripheral connectors
      Power (Mini USB, cable clamps), Camera, I/O ports on request
BlueRange Mesh Gateway

The Mesh Gateway

The mesh gateway is a key component of operating a BLE mesh. The gateway, the access point, and the controller of all beacons, acts as a channel (gateway) to the BlueRange cloud platform.

Our BlueRange mesh gateway communicates via a Raspberry Pi mounted Mesh Beacon with the Internet. The mesh gateway is a powerful device which allows a BLE mesh with a hundred Mesh Beacons to be operated smoothly.

Depending on the operational environment and the according use cases, it might be useful to add one or more mesh gateways to achieve the best result.

    • The Mesh Gateway runs on a Raspberry Pi 3 with our custom beacon Shield. The beacon interfaces our mesh with the Raspberry Pi, and therefore allows us to connect our mesh to the internet. The Mesh Gateway firmware is remotely updatable through our Cloud Platform. It can update the firmware of all Beacons connected to its mesh, which allows monitoring, management and more.

      Power supply
      240V AC power supply needed
      Quad Core 1,2 GHz-Broadcom BCM2837 64-bit
      1 GB
      Internet Connection
      100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection
      USB 2.0
      Card Port