Live – with respect to others
Learn – to grow from it
Work – digital together

#live #learn #work

A virus is spreading rapidly across the world.

It affects our human interactions, our loved ones and our community life. As a software company, we have the ability to work digitally connected while being socially disconnected. Therefore, the majority of our team is right now working from home turning away from collective actions to protect society, our partners, customers, friends and slow down the spread of COVID-19. However, our productivity and availability will continue to be maintained.

Some other businesses do not have the same fortunate circumstances as we do.

They are fighting on the front line every day – for all of us: Doctors being in hospitals for several weeks and hardly seeing their families, nurses preparing the increase of intensive care beds, geriatric nurses taking care of and protecting our grandparents, public transport drivers ensuring our mobility, bakers or shop assistants providing us with fresh food every day – or waste disposal specialists taking individual risk while making an important contribution to the community with their work.

On behalf of the whole team of MWAY we would like to thank you – a big applause to those braving the outbreak to help others. We more than appreciate your effort and engagement.

At MWAY we continue to avoid direct contact, control and coordinate our work online – and experience working digital at the intensity being currently necessary. Surviving this challenge takes a shift in mindset and demands a lot, but we will get through this together. In doing so, we will succeed in growing together despite the physical distance.

Live – with respect to others. Learn – to grow from it. Work – digital together.