Discover Digital Floor Management for Proximity Marketing

  • BlueRange Firmware

    BlueRange Firmware

    With the BlueRange firmware, you are able to connect beacons into a BLE mesh and send sensor data and information.

  • BlueRange Open IoT

    Edge Computing

    Our Mesh Gateway aggregates the information from the mesh and communicates into the cloud. Send software updates over-the-air (OTA).

  • BlueRange Platform

    Retail Management Platform

    Software updates, maintenance, tracking visualization and content management controlled from the platform's dashboard. See heatmaps of customer movement.

  • BlueRange Tools and SDKs

    Commissioning Tools / SDKs

    Use our commissioning app to safely set up your installation. Use our SDKs to develop for your own applications.

Retail Reconfigured

The retail industry is changing at an increasing pace due to online shopping and mobile transactions. A good customer relationship is essential, and, with almost every consumer carrying a smartphone retailers are starting to digitally engage with their customers while they are spending time in their stores.

BlueRange provides an interactive infrastructure of sensors and beacons in order to communicate with your customers and allow additional branded services like indoor navigation, proximity marketing and customer relationship management (CRM). It also offers the tools for retailers to visualize data in e.g. heatmaps for further uoptimization of the retail spaces.

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  • Retail - BlueRange in Practice

    Our partner, one of Germany's largest retail companies, implemented BlueRange in thousands of square meters and is continuously improving its retail spaces thanks to our smart Mesh Beacons. Both employees and customers benefit from it:

    Our BlueRange mesh setup allows for the tracking of shopping carts and baskets in the interest of valuable information for the merchant.

    The gathered data is processed on an analytics server and can be viewed on the platform e.g. in the heatmap visualization of the site.
    The gained information helps the partner to optimize sales and retail spaces e.g. by planning future paths or product placements.

    The tracked data also enables analysis of customer behavior.
    A possible future integration of BlueRange into the partners' checkouts and cash registers will also allow them to draw conclusions from the relation between the amount of purchased goods and walked distances.

Smart Retail Management

Especially in the retail sector, beacons have long been a well-known topic. The use case of proximity marketing usually provides the basis for the use of IoT technology in retail. But what if we tell you that more is possible than just sending your clients a plain URL via Beacon.

In contrast to standard beacons, the beacons on which the BlueRange firmware runs, are capable of bidirectional communication. This allows, on the one hand, the networking of the Beacons among themselves to a BLE mesh, on the other hand, the beacons can also be used to sort incoming information instead of just sending blindly pre-programmed messages, as is customary in proximity marketing. They are able to send data via the Bluetooth mesh from one mobile device to another, or via the gateway to the Internet, to the BlueRange platform.

In concrete terms, this means that your proximity marketing can address your retail customers in the shop and within the range of your mesh, and even receive feedback, regardless of the customers' WLAN or mobile Internet connection and even track your customers paths inside your store.