FruityMesh, our OpenSource implementation for the BlueRange BLE Mesh

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  • FruityMesh Mesh Structure

We believe in OpenSource

We decided to do a reference implementation of our highly efficient firmware for everyone free to use and develop, because we know of the uniqueness in efficiency in the ratio of data throughput, transmit power and mesh stability to battery life.

Our BLE mesh existed before the Bluetooth SIG enabled the standard mesh in summer 2017 and is more efficient but also compatible.

Therefore we believe to have the duty to enable developers all around the globe to work with our 'FruityMesh' and our algorithm. You find our OpenSource implementation easily on GitHub, including a detailed documentation.

  • Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)

    The DAG protocol is characterized by targeted data transmissions building a scatternet, perfectly balanced and timed in connection. In contrast stands flooding of the standard Bluetooth mesh, which sends blindly in all directions, highly energy wasting.

  • FruityMesh DAG

Get a glimpse of the full mesh power with a BlueRange TestKit

Recieve a BlueRange TestKit including all you need to get an professional impression of the capability of FruityMesh with all features enabled.

  • Experience Over-The Air (OTA) updates of every meshed device!
  • Experience realtime Asset Tracking with free access to our BlueRange cloud platform!
  • Experience the most stable Bluetooth Mesh available!

  • BlueRange TestKit
  • BlueRange TestKit

    The TestKit contains a Mesh Gateway, 4 Mesh Beacons, an Asset Beacon and access to the BlueRange platform for
    899 €.

    Platform access is granted for 3 months. Additional variable costs might occur for an asset tracking use case, limited to 1 million messages per month. The Test Kit can be returned up to 30 days after receipt, against repayment of the purchase price, if undamaged.

You don’t know the strategic direction yet?

Contact us for more information or to work out the best use cases together.
You want to test and experience the uniqueness of our mesh before deciding to get commercial with BlueRange? That's fine for us.

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