Inventory Management

Ensure You Always Know Where Your Equipment is

Keep Track of Your Equipment

Manage your assets inside a digital mesh for a real-time overview of your inventory.

Business owners with large amounts of equipment regularly experience losses and suffer inefficiency in their business processes as a consequence. With BLE and mesh technology, it is possible to create a digital inventory. With beacons mounted onto the equipment and a corresponding app, it is easy to keep track of your resources.

Inventory Management is based on the general asset tracking function of the BlueRange mesh. By tracking your inventory, you can determine the location of individual items and retrieve the collection of all items on the BlueRange platform.

By defining individual areas, for example a storeroom, it is possible to display which objects are within the marked region (the storeroom), and which have been taken and are in use. In this way, you can prepare for an assignment and get a reliable overview of the available inventory.

In a large warehouse, items can be identified and found.

In Practice

  • inventory preparation

    Inventory Preparation

    During preparation for field service or work, use BlueRange inventory management to gather all the necessary tools and items you need for the job in no time. Find them on your map on the BlueRange platform and navigate to them easily.

  • real time inventory

    Real Time Inventory

    Check your inventory at any time on your BlueRange platform, and see which tool or item is currently available or out of reach. Every asset on your site is listed on the platform and also registered as available.

  • warehouse overview

    Warehouse Overview

    Is your warehousing system nothing but a big mess? Use BlueRange inventory management to identify, locate, and navigate to an item. Reduce search time and effort, and provide your employees with a fast and easy way to navigate through your warehouse. Get your shipments done in the blink of an eye.

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