Indoor Navigation

Enable a better onsite experience and help to find ways

Indoor Navigation

Guide Smartphone Users Through Your Building With Precision

People need guidance inside of large facilities, like museums, hospitals etc. Setting up a bluetooth mesh in combination with an app helps visitors to navigate with precision from one point to another. Improve your customer’s experience and help them get to their desired destination.

In Practice

  • live

    Live Location Orientation

    Track and navigate your customer flow on your site to prevent bottlenecks, or guide your customers to specific locations. Observe everything in real time in your BlueRange platform.

    Proof of Concept

    Several of our partners already implemented a BlueRange mesh in their businesses.
    Retail companies have digitized thousands of square meters with Mesh Beacons, a mesh and our platform. Thanks to BlueRange, our partners are able to track and trace as well as measure frequency of use and movement of shopping carts. Detailed heatmaps and movement-maps are generated which allow further strategic planning Read more in our retail section.

  • emergency assistance

    Emergency Assistance

    In case of an emergency, it is possible to send notifications to visitors on your site automatically via BlueRange and safely guide them to the closest emergency exits.

    Proof of Concept

    Emergency exits are sometimes hard to find between high shelves or booths. Inside of the mesh, everyone can be reached via Bluetooth and push notifications. On activation of the emergency alarm, the notification runs through the mesh and is spread immediately to all connected devices. As the alarm goes off, the navigation to the exits starts simultaneously.

  • event / fair guidance

    Event and Fair Guidance

    Provide assistance and prepare an event-specific navigation plan. Use your BlueRange technology to help people navigate on your site to get around and get to their desired destination.

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