CO2 Monitoring and Room Climate

Full analysis and control for your room climate and situation

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CO2 Monitoring and History

Especially in such troubled times as now a good room climate is most important. On the one hand to prevent the spread of aerosol particles, on the other hand to be able to work efficient and concentrated. When you smell bad odors and bad air, then it is already to late. Better get informed and notificated about your indoors air status on the run.
Historical data can indicate peak times and is also very useful for reporting.

BlueRange - CO2 Monitoring mobile

Monitoring and Management - Mobile and Desktop

Get all information you need on your room climate just at your fingertips!

Most simple and intuitive - get notifications on important changes in your room climate as soon as they appear to be able to counteract.
Define and create own alerts and priorities for notifications based on your very own needs and requirements.

BlueRange - Covid airing

CO2 Measurements for Covid-19 compliant airing

For Covid-19 / SARS-COV-2 / Corona precautions it is important to have your indoor areas and office rooms well ventilated and aired regularly.

Based on the CO2 monitor and other measurements for room climate, you can get notifications on when you need to bring fresh air into your rooms.
Regular airing and ventilation help to prevent spread of aerosols particles in your rooms air.
A CO2 concentration in the interior of less than 1000 ppm (0.1 vol-%) indicates a hygienically adequate air exchange under normal conditions.

BlueRange Ready Systems

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  • BlueRange/Infrastructure Overview
  • The BlueRange BLE Mesh Infrastructure

    Your Use Case would also benefit from a BLE Mesh?
    You need a low energy solution for position or sensor based information infrastructure?

    BlueRange offers an simple and cost-efficient end-to-end solution including asset tracking or sensor hardware, Mesh Beacons and Mesh Gateway for your local setup and cloud or on-premise server infrastructure to get you your desired data on a standardized dashboard or even your very own application.