Asset Tracking

Trace and Find Anything in a BLE Mesh Environment

Find Your Assets in No Time

Place a beacon on any object of your choice to track and locate it inside of a virtual grid (beacon mesh) in real time.

The amount of working equipment that needs to be traced in logistics centers and hospitals is constantly growing, making an organizational system indispensable. Staff in need of these working tools often face difficulties finding or identifying certain equipment. BlueRange allows for fast tracking and tracing of every item that has a beacon installed.

Our BLE mesh acts as digital and IoT infrastructure, and provides the basis for asset tracking and our Real Time Location System Engine.

This infrastructure supports a variety of connections and functions, e.g. the connection of different sensors to the BLE mesh, and thus to the BlueRange platform, from where their data can be distributed via interfaces to different databases.

In particular, asset tracking is based on the distance between individual beacons and their proximity data. Three or more beacons are necessary to perform a triangulation and thus represent the exact position between these beacons.

Choose the specific asset you want to track and watch in in real-time. Also, you are able to watch all assets at once. You decide over the time window in which you want to see the paths of your assets. Always keep track of missing assets and know where to find them.

RTLS for Retail - the digitized shopping cart

  • The benefits of asset tracking in retail go far beyond proximity marketing. With our latest approach, the digitized shopping cart, vendors are able to establish a whole new level of direct and indirect communication between themselves and the customer.

    The combination of BlueRange Beacon and eInk-Display creates an interesting module for visual representation of specific contents. The display can be provided with new data via the BLE mesh, especially position-related information can be displayed directly on the shopping cart.

    In addition you, as a retailer, can track and trace the paths and stations of your carts to use this information to draw conclusion on customer behaviour and typical routes inside your market.

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In Practice

  • storage

    Fast search and find

    Looking for that one specific tool for that one specific task? Ask your BlueRange platform where to find the much-needed tool and let it navigate you directly to its whereabouts, via indoor navigation, so you can get back to work as quickly and easily as possible. Equip important medical devices with BlueRange asset beacons and track them inside your mesh network. Find an item right when it is needed the most. Reduce time in operations and in preparation.

    Proof of Concept

    One partner already benefits from BlueRange’s ability to track surgical instrument sets during their daily work routines.

  • carpool

    Fleet Management

    Equip your fleet with BlueRange asset beacons and provide a quick and easy solution to find vehicles within a large parking lot or garage. Combined with access management and indoor navigation, you gain a multi-purpose solution.

  • patient care and tracking

    Patient Tracking

    Especially in psychiatric institutions and retirement homes, people often go missing and need to be found. With BlueRange and its asset tracking capability, individuals and patients can be found within the mesh by equipping them with wearable beacons. Even search functions outside the mesh can be integrated through a combination of BlueRange and other technologies such as GPS.

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