Frequently Asked Questions About BlueRange

What distinguishes BlueRange from other BLE systems?

Notably, we work with smart Mesh Beacons, whereas other beacons are limited to sending protocols. Our beacons are able to communicate bi-directional, among themselves and, through the mesh gateway, with our SaaS BlueRange Management platform.

How accurate is BlueRange?

BlueRange allows real-time tracking with minimal delay, depending on the type of network access and applied cloud power. Tracing items in a BlueRange mesh allows users to locate them accurately.

What size does a mesh normally have?

The regular size of a mesh includes up to 100 Mesh Beacons per site and mesh gateway. Additional beacons can be implemented, though it is not recommended.

Is it difficult to set up a Proof of Concept?

It can be done easily within half an hour: Our test kits allow you to plug and play. You will get access to a demo version of the platform to set it up. The beacons can be quickly enrolled through the platform to establish the mesh.

How many beacons can I control with one Mesh Gateway?

We recommend that you work with around 100 Beacons per Mesh Gateway. The funcionality depends on environmental factors.

How many sites can I setup with the platform?

The BlueRange platform allows unlimited site setups. Based on our multi-tenant platform, you can set up ten thousands of sites while being able to control and monitor every single beacon in a mesh.

What are typical use cases for BLE and BlueRange?

Typical use cases for BlueRange include individual asset tracking, inventory management, indoor navigation, access management, proximity marketing and lighting management.

Is the protocol available for real-time use cases?

Our protocol supports real-time use cases with high accuracy. We constantly work on eliminating factors that may cause latency.

How complex is the installation of beacons in a physical space?

Our Mesh Beacons can easily be placed on the floor or on shelves if they are battery-powered. If connected to a power line, Mesh Beacons can be plugged into any outlet. We also offer integration into existing infrastructures, such as lighting installations, which make them not only very efficient but also provide sufficient power supply and act similar to a WiFi network. We are more than happy to evaluate the best approach to implement Mesh Beacons in your organization.