Access Management

Take Access Management to the next Level

Simplify Access Control

Smart beacon technology is the key to managing access and identity control via smartphones and other mobile devices.

Smartphones and wearables are becoming increasingly indispensable in our society, constituting a major channel for information. Transform your devices using smart beacon technology into a means of identification, assigning individual access permissions to employees entering and leaving large facilities. Identify your employees using beacons to track their smartphones, rendering other forms of identification such as identity cards and passwords obsolete.

Access management does not refer solely to physical access to an area or room, but also to the regulation of digital access and access rights.

You will gain control over devices that are integrated with the BlueRange technology, such as printers, shapers, forklift trucks and conveyor belts. This connectivity allows you to read out data and information and send them to a centralized platform immediately.

Even proximity security for important information on computers and mobile devices can be implemented, so that when you leave your workplace, your computer and personal work devices are locked automatically and only unlock on approach.

In Practice

  • garage access

    Garage Access

    Equip your company’s fleet with our Beacons and enable access management to grant rights to your employees’ mobile devices, create your personal and secure method of identification, wholly free from interaction, and allow on-site tracking and tracing of your entire fleet.

  • location access

    Location Access Management

    Grant room-wide access rights specifically tailored to members of a project, keeping project-external personnel out, and making project and data security easy.

  • usage restriction

    Operating Restrictions

    Implement BlueRange technology and access management into existing machines, gadgets and circuits. You decide who has permission to use machines or gadgets, and who hasn’t. Ensure proper and company-relevant use of your machines by preventing misuse right on the spot. In addition, this also paves the way to other use case advantages.

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